Featured Members

Featured MIS Members

koh mui leng Koh Mui Leng
Assistant Marketing Communications Manager, Singapore Chinese OrchestraMIS is a reputable and professional marketing institution that binds marketing professionals together and provide avenues for networking, sharing and training. Being part of MIS allows me to learn and share with fellow marketers on the fast-evolving marketing trends and practices, especially so with technology today.
ssmantha Mantha Sai Shyam Vanseedhar
Senior Regional Business Manager, Web Synergies (S) Pte LtdTo me, MIS is like a big family of professionals. It has at least three generations of members ranging from 20 to 80 years old who come together to share their knowledge, expertise and insights. From this, they in return get utmost satisfaction being part of the family. It is like home coming for me.
suzie pic Suzie Cheong
Regional Brand Director, Zzandr 360 Pte LtdAs an advocate for branding, I see the importance to keep abreast of the latest marketing trends and news as well as to connect with people to share knowledge and experience. MIS would be a great platform for knowledge sharing and networking with like minded marketers.
ho lai mum pic Ho Lai Mun
Director (Business Development), BHW Pte. Ltd.I joined MIS because it has the largest network of marketers and knowledge base in the region. I believe having access to both would definitely give my company opportunities to collaborate, learn and connect with many of its professional members.
julie simon Julie Simon
APAC Marketing Director, GMC SoftwareI have been in Asia Pacific for around 10 years now and always looking at places where I can meet my peers and learn more. MIS is offering a lot of options in terms of training, I researched a bit more and it just made sense. I am looking forward to making the most of my membership.
poh seng linkedin 1 resized Lim Poh Seng
Principal Consultant/Director, Minuteman Resources Pte. LtdBeing a small business owner, my imperative is to take on the function and role of marketing for my business.  I have observed MIS over the years and found it to be the leading marketing institute and advocacy organisation for marketers. I hope to be able to network, learn as well as contribute in the future.
maggie gunning Maggie Gunning
Spa Consultant, Pure ConvertsI enjoy meeting like-minded and creative people to share and collaborate on ideas. MIS offers a wonderful platform to network as well as an interesting selection of relevant executive & business courses for me to further my knowledge in the business.
Steven Ong Peow Steven Ong Peow
CEO, Financial Planning Association of SingaporeIn today’s competitive business environment, one needs to be constantly learning and staying updated with the latest development in marketing and management. MIS provides a great platform to network and learn from experienced marketing professionals and management experts.
Shawn Yue Shawn Yue
Sales Manager, Planet Asia Pte LtdMarketing Institute of Singapore is not only an institute for learning or enhancement but also a platform for members to network, share ideas and receive the latest updates on news and technology. I look forward to attending the upcoming courses, talks and networking events organised by MIS.
Muhammad Fuad Bin Asbullah Muhammad Fuad Bin Asbullah
Chief Executive Officer, Assalaamu’alaikum EnterpriseI joined the MIS membership because it allows me to keep up-to-date with the latest sales and marketing strategies in our pursuit to better reach our existing and potential customers. At the same time, it allows me to have good networking opportunities with other esteemed companies.
Jesmond Lee Jesmond Lee
Senior Marketing Director, Huttons Real Estate GroupI work in the real estate industry and run other businesses. I strongly believe that the key to business success lies in developing a strong brand identity and network. I am confident that being a member of MIS, I am able to enhance my knowledge and skills in different aspects of business. More importantly, I can network and exchange business ideas with like-minded professionals from various industries.
Jasmine Goh Jasmine J Goh
Director, RedTree Group Pte LtdI joined MIS as a member because I need to update myself with latest knowledge in digital marketing. It is also a good platform to network with people in the industry. I am looking forward to learn more in MIS.
Lisette Davis Lisette Davis
Marketing & Strategy Consultant, Sidra MarketingI am passionate about marketing and for this reason I have worked over 25 years in this field. As a marketing consultant I provide advice on strategy and how to solve all kinds of marketing issues. I joined MIS because my relocation to Singapore provides me with an opportunity to build a new network and exchange ideas with like-minded people.
Fitri Agustina Fitri Agustina
Manager, Marketing & Continuous Improvement (CI), Buckman Asia-PacificMarketing Institute of Singapore plays an important role in the development of marketing skills in Singapore. As marketing functions continue to be increasingly essential to businesses, it is important for marketers such as myself to be exposed to networking and professional development training, especially on B2B and chemical industries.
Shawn Mak Shawn Mak
Creative Director, antics@playOne should never stop asking questions. A marketer who thinks he knows it all is not a very good marketer at all. MIS provides a great platform for members like us to always stay curious, spark ideas and expand conversations.
Cara Wong Cara Wong
Senior Marketing Manager – Marine, Rolls-RoyceKeeping up to date with the latest market trends and how to effectively engage our target audience is of utmost importance for marketers. MIS has dedicated focus on marketing and provides a great platform for marketing professionals like myself to interact and exchange ideas. The regular talks and workshops that feature current topics are also the reason I signed up as a member.
Erina Tan Erina Tan
Regional Product Manager, Training Partners Pte LtdMIS offers a unique platform for those who are interested in learning new developments in marketing. It also offers an excellent networking ecosystem for sharing and learning which is ideal for me. I look forward to participating in events and courses organised by MIS.
Maria Elizabeth Arevalo Maria Elizabeth Arevalo
Marketing Manager, IO Singapore DCaaS Pte LtdOver the years, MIS has built a robust range of training programmes and hosted events that helped thousands of marketing professionals in Singapore be more equipped and adaptable. This is exactly the kind of community I want to be a part of and contribute in building a strong marketing community in Singapore.
Edric Lin Edric Lin
Regional Account Manager – LinkedIn Sales Solutions, LinkedInIt’s a privilege to be part of the largest network of sales and marketing professionals in Singapore. Besides expanding my knowledge in this spectrum, I’m also here to learn and glean insights from the extensive array of events and courses offered by MIS.
Vary Yong Vary Yong
Director, iFoundries (Asia Pacific) Pte LtdI’ve been a keen learner on marketing strategies and MIS provides a great platform for attending professional workshops and training programmes, not just for me but also for my colleagues. It also provides a great way for us to connect with like-minded marketing professionals in different industries.
Renee Power Renee Power
Lubricants Distributor Marketing Manager, Australia Shell Eastern Petroleum Pte LtdI joined MIS as a member to keep my marketing skills and knowledge (such as digital media) up-to-date. It is also important to learn from the best practices of other companies outside of my industry. Being away from home at my new home, I would like to be involved in a professional network in Singapore.
Jayant Vazekudiyil Jayant Vazekudiyil
Global Account Manager, Cisco SystemsThe location, culture and business environment in Singapore brings in professionals from all parts of the globe. MIS gives a unique platform to marketing professionals in Singapore to learn, share and connect with peers in the industry that benefits both local and global businesses.
Emrah Pehlivan Emrah Pehlivan
Restaurant ManagerI am a Restaurant Manager relocated to Singapore after working with Royal Caribbean International for 14 years. I joined the Marketing Institute of Singapore to enhance my marketing knowledge and skills and to network with like-minded professionals. I look forward to meeting all members.
Joana Wahyudi Joana Wahyudi Fernandes
Director, Caxas (Far East) Pte LtdAs Founder and Director of a start-up Ecommerce site selling childrens’ premium clothing apparel, I am always looking for the latest marketing developments relevant to my industry and I love to meet other people who share my interest in marketing.
Joe Ong Poh Tee Ong Poh Tee Joe
General Manager, Kistler Instruments Pte LtdMIS offers a number of relevant 2–3 days executive development courses. These include management, market development, sales, presentation-related topics. My sales teams in Southeast Asia are technically-capable in terms of product knowledge and application know-how. I hope these courses will help sharpen the ‘soft’ skills of my team and ultimately enhance our overall sales KPIs.
Maurice Guloy Maurice Guloy
Marketing Specialist – Asia, ACL Services LtdMIS is a treasure box of information and a perfect channel to connect with like-minded peers in Singapore. They offer a wide range of interesting training courses which I think would be very relevant to my profession.
Andre Huber Andre Huber
Executive Director, Huber’s Pte LtdIn today’s world of social media and fast changing consumer preferences, it is important to be kept abreast of and leverage on the latest sales and marketing techniques to maximise returns. MIS Membership provides me with the gateway to attend courses and seminars to upgrade myself and learn the latest marketing trends.
Andrea Dixon Andrea Dixon
Director Marketing JAPAC, Oracle Marketing CloudThe Marketing Institute of Singapore plays a crucial role in the development of marketing skills in Singapore. As the marketing function continues to become increasingly pivotal to the success of a business, it’s important for marketers such as myself to belong to these associations to gain greater accessibility to networking, learning and professional development courses.
Joselito dela Cruz Joselito dela Cruz
Director of OPRC and Senior Osteopath, Osteopathic Relief CentreAs my company was looking for a new office for our own use, it was important to be knowledgeable about tenant and landlord law. We were about to prepare new contracts for our investors and as such, MIS provided “contract law” courses that gave us a better understanding of our responsibilities.
Jesphin Silva Jesphin Silva
AVP, Sales Clone Algo Pte LtdI believe that MIS is a good platform for marketers to network, expand and share their knowledge. Since I am in the marketing industry, I hope MIS will help me in further development.
Chin Chee Heun Chin Chee Heun
Managing Director, SIAC Pte LtdI joined MIS membership as I am able to expand my network capacity through exchange of new ideas with other members and fellow marketers. We are also able to be updated on the latest news and technology in the marketing industry.
Rina Loh Rina Loh
New F&B Business Stories BloggerMIS is a great place for networking and connecting marketers. MIS’ talks educate and equip us with a wealth of knowledge and skills. I look forward to attending MIS talks by quality speakers.
Martin Pasquier Martin Pasquier
Managing Director, Agence Tesla Pte LtdI joined MIS membership to be able to meet marketers and advertisers as well as to show them services and products to understand and engage communities.
Kellin Chan Kellin Chan
Managing Consultant, OIG International Pte LtdI am glad to join MIS to meet different marketing professionals from different industries; learn & exchange great ideas with marketing experts from all the seminars & workshops.
Andrew Livsey Andrew Livsey
Technical Director, Horizon Geoconsulting Pte LtdAs a Corporate Member we hope to benefit from MIS training and resources to assist our marketing staff in developing our online marketing expertise.
Jasmine Loke Jasmine Loke Chui Fun
Business Manager, St Jude Medical (S) Pte LtdStudying in MIS was a great stepping stone into the marketing world. Now, as a MIS member, I hope to get more insights to the latest trends and updates on marketing.
Chidambaranathan Arunan Chidambaranathan Arunan
Director Projects, Amitec Global Pte LtdMIS conducts very good training programmes which would be very useful not only for myself but also for our employees. There are also a lot of networking events where we can meet up with industry leaders and potential clients.
Sarah Lim Sarah Lim
Director of Sales and Marketing, The Star Performing Arts CentreWe signed up as a corporate member as the marketing courses offered by MIS are of high quality and relevant for the training & development of our staff. As a venue provider, we hope to tap on MIS’ network of sales & marketing professionals to provide any venue requirements when the need arises.
Rueburn Liang Teng Chang Rueburn Liang Teng Chang
Marketing Manager, OSINet International Pte LtdThere is a need for every serious professional marketer to update themselves with current trends and knowledge through MIS’ Executive Development programmes and regular networking events. I believe associating myself with a brand such as MIS, and a platform to advance in my marketing area, is definitely something all marketers should be considering.
Ronald Schepers Ronald Schepers
Head of Channel & Partner Sales, IT Business, Schneider ElectricI decided to re-join MIS as a member to enjoy various benefits such as Marketing Guru Talks, Executive Education and to network with fellow marketing and sales practitioners in Singapore.
Kimming Yap Kimming Yap
Managing Director, Creativeans Pte LtdBeing part of the MIS family has provided us the platform to exchange ideas with fellow members and be informed on the latest marketing trends, especially in the interdisciplinary design and branding company. We can also participate in MIS’ training programmes and events to improve our staff’s knowledge and skill sets.
Hiten Makwana Hiten Makwana
International Business Manager, Dorf Ketal Chemicals Pte LtdMIS is a great platform for marketers to connect and expand their knowledge as well as experience. I am impressed by MIS’ mission and core values and it is definitely a great institute to be with.
Patrick Wong Patrick Wong
General Manager, Visible Results SingaporeI’m honoured to be part of the MIS fraternity of great marketers. It allows me to network and establish partnerships within this community.
Emma Chen Emma Chen
Marketing Analyst, Asia Pacific Essentra Pte LtdAs a corporate member of MIS, we are able to expand our industry network and connect with professional marketers in today’s complex environment.
Tan Chong Peng Tan Chong Peng
Marketing Associate, PropNex Realty Pte LtdI joined MIS as I believe the courses can enhance my sales and marketing skills to the next level in the real estate arena. MIS provides a good platform to network and exchange new ideas within the marketing professionals. I look forward to participate in their events and courses to build up my marketing acumen.
Goh Ban Bee George Goh Ban Bee George
Business Development Executive, Payroll2U Pte LtdI joined MIS as member to enlarge my knowledge in areas of marketing. Being relatively new in this area, I look forward to networking with fellow like-minded individuals to learn, share, and engage in meaningful conversations. Also, it allows me to keep abreast on new marketing trends through training programmes and Marketing Guru talks at MIS.
Daniel Lim EON Daniel Lim
Chief Executive Officer, EON Inspire Pte LtdI believe that MIS is the best choice for us to reach out to the vast marketers community and the strong corporate network in Singapore. We joined as a MIS corporate member to allow us to network with fellow marketers and utilise the MIS existing platform & training facilities.
Eranda Opatha Eranda Opatha
Sales & Marketing Executive, The Patissier LLPMIS is the perfect platform to expand my professional network in the marketing industry. Being a member of MIS, it offers comprehensive, timely information and perspectives that will enhance my career in the marketing community.
Sabrina Schwarz Sabrina Schwarz
Executive Assistant, KMW Asia Pacific Pte LtdI found my experience at my first MIS event so enriching that I decided to join the organisation as a member. I hope this participation will further hone my skills, knowledge and experience to a whole new level.
Chai Jia Fang Chai Jia Fang
Manager, Marketing & Communications, Sciencewerke Pte LtdI joined MIS as I look forward to connect with other marketing professionals and engage in the exchange of ideas, sharing of insights or learning from the experiences of others. I think MIS will be one platform to network plus keep in touch with industry trends and knowledge.
David Lim David Lim
Marketing Manager, SingTelI joined MIS as a member to expand my corporate network, specifically in the marketing space, allowing myself to engage in conversations and discussions with like-minded individuals in the marketplace. Being a MIS member also allows me to keep abreast with what is going on within the Marketing world.
 Jimmy Beh Jimmy Beh
Director, Ark Sports Management Pte LtdI have joined MIS membership to expand my learning horizon and be at the forefront of new industry practices. MIS provides a good platform for learning and networking with the industry experts.
 members 01charlotte Charlotte Wilkinson 
Managing Director, Clear Ideas Singapore Pte LtdI have joined MIS membership because I hope to network with other like-minded, creative and innovative marketing professionals in Singapore so we can share experiences and collaborate.
members 02eva Eva Corredoira 
Project Manager, Global Innovation Office, Abbott NutritionAfter more than 7 years in the marketing field, I have relocated to Singapore and taken on a new challenge as a Regional Project Manager. As a marketing professional, it is important for me to keep in touch with what is happening in the field. Being a MIS member not only allows me to build a professional network in the region, but also offers me a wide range of trainings to continuously improve my marketing skills.
 members 03titien Titien Ahmad 
Managing Director, 3 Degrees AsiaHaving come from a content marketing agency and equipped with an editorial background, I wanted to find out more about marketing and found a rich resource in MIS with its newsletters and events. I look forward to meeting up with fellow marketers in the near future!
 members 04elgin Dr Elgin Ong 
Managing Director, Rhinovo Pte LtdAs a MIS member, we have the privilege to participate in the organised events and are constantly updated with the latest happenings in the marketing industry. The insights are valuable and can provide us with fresh innovative ideas. The information is useful in our everyday work pursuit.
 members 05edward Edward Goh 
Senior Vice President, Resort Sales and Marketing
Resorts World at Sentosa Pte LtdMIS is the choice organisation connecting professional marketers in Singapore. Having been away from home for more than 17 years working with Heineken in different parts of the world, I look forward to reconnecting with the marketing community here, and MIS is a great channel for that.
 members 06david David Boh Sui Hou
Project Director, Asiatravel.com Holdings LimitedIn my course of work I have to manage our Online Marketing Team. In order to better perform my role, I was looking for a course particularly on Google Adwords and Analytics. After doing my research on all the course providers, I decided to take the course with MIS as I felt that the trainers are highly qualified and there is a good structure to their course. I chose to sign up as a member as I am interested in their networking events and also other executive development courses that they offer.
 members 07ning Ling Chien Ning 
Brand Manager, Bacardi Martini Singapore Pte LtdMIS is a treasure trove of knowledge for me. The workshops fees are affordable and there are so many choices. I am looking forward to learn and develop my skills further with MIS.
 members 08sam Sam Loo Chin Hin 
Chief Executive Officer, LCI Executive Seminars Pte LtdI have attended several MIS Marketing Guru sessions in the past and I had benefited from the sharing and networking with fellow marketers at these sessions. By joining MIS, I look forward to attend more MIS organised seminars and events to learn and share with fellow like-minded marketing professionals.
 members 08rene-koller Rene Koller 
Director, Schober Holding Asia Pte LtdBeing a member of MIS enables us to extend our network and knowledge, establish new partnerships and get in contact with interesting marketers. All these have helped us to launch our proven and successful products manufactured by German subsidiaries in Singapore.
 members 09bobby-tan Bobby Tan Wee Chuan 
Senior Manager, Sales & Marketing of Jubilant International Pte LtdI have been in Business and People Development for close to 2 decades and attending the enrichment courses held by MIS all these years has greatly enhanced my interest and helped propel my proficiency in the field.
Christopher Snook Christopher Snook
Head Group Country Management & Country President Singapore, Novartis International AGBecoming a member of MIS is a great way to keep in touch during my assignment in Switzerland. It’s important for me to closely follow all marketing developments which are helping to shape the very dynamic business environment in Singapore.
 N. Krishna Kumar N. Krishna Kumar
Chief Operating Officer, Basil Communications Pvt LtdI’m in Singapore to explore the possibility of setting up our business here. MIS as the premier association for marketers in Singapore was my first port of call for connecting and networking with marketers. I understand that MIS has an active fraternity and I look forward to a fulfilling year of collaborating and connecting with like-minded professionals.
 Paul Dolan Paul Dolan
VP, Marketing Strategy and Operations, Schneider ElectricJoining MIS is a great opportunity to network with fellow marketers. I can learn from and share my marketing experience, particularly in today’s increasingly digitised environment which is crucial in developing a department of any leading company.
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