Past Events

  • Feb
    What every Marketer needs to know about Crowdsourcing
    Marketing Guru Talk | 6:30pm - 9:00pm
    by David Bebko

    Opportunities, dangers, and tips to make crowdsourcing work for you

    Crowdsourcing is changing how companies develop and bring products to market, enabling savvy business leaders to harness the power of the crowd. So how can your business harness the power of the crowd for good marketing?

  • Feb
    Conquer Your Success in 2015
    MIS Social | 6:30pm - 9:00pm
    by Chan Chi Tim

    Chinese Metaphysics embraces a wholesome understanding of how a person's well-being is governed. The actual crossing of the year into a new one falls on 4 Feb, which means the Year of Goat has already arrived on this date while the customary celebration is held on 19 Feb. Find out which are some of the good areas in your home or office. The more one 'activates' the area, the better the opportunity outlook will be in that year!

    Join us in Conquering the Odds and Gaining Success in 2015 and achieve happiness throughout the Year of Goat!

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