Date 10 Feb 2015
Time 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Venue MIS Executive Lounge, 410 North Bridge Road, Level 1, S188726
Speaker Chan Chi Tim
Fees Non-Member: Complimentary
MIS Member: Complimentary
MIS Student: Complimentary
Public Tertiary Institution Student*: Complimentary

The coming Chinese New Year falls on 19 February 2015, as celebrated by Chinese people all over the world. This is a custom that has been practiced and uses the Lunar calendar. But the actual crossing of the year into a new one falls on 4 February.

Chinese metaphysics uses the stars in the universe to estimate certain influences in our lives. At the beginning of the year, these stars are read into. The effect has 'earthly influence' on us, in that it affects the Qi distribution inside our homes/properties. It also has 'heavenly influence' on us that may affect our well-being that particular year.

During the presentation, get to know which are some of the good areas in your home or office. The more one 'activates' the area, the better the opportunity outlook will be in that year. Not just that, you will also get to learn where are the bad sectors in 2015. Having a good outlook is not sufficient. Our happiness and well-being are also affected by the stars. We can read its effect that corresponds to the year of birth, popularly known as our zodiacs. For example, in the coming year of Goat, those that are born in the year of Dragon will enjoy good times as the Prosperity Star is supporting them.


  • Outlook of the different zodiacs
  • Good and Bad areas in your home or office
  • Auspicious dates to start work after the Chinese New Year break


Chan Chi Tim

Chan Chi Tim is a qualified and experienced consultant and instructor in Chinese Metaphysics, specialising in BaZi, Feng Shui and Date Selection. His extensive knowledge in BaZi and Feng Shui has led him to teach and provide consultancy services in locations such as Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, Myanmar, Holland and Indonesia. In his consultancy work, Classical Chinese Metaphysics is practised. This means no placement of objects such as pagodas, ornaments, etc are applied.

Chi Tim is based in Singapore and has been in the field for 10 years. In Feng Shui, he uses both San He and San Yuan methodology in his practice. The practice includes property or land selection and consultancy on interior layout to achieve best possible outcome. He has done Feng Shui audits for banks, shipping company, IT retail shops, offices and others. He does Date Selection for auspicious events such as for wedding, commencement of new business, caesarean birth and move-in to new premise. Other than teaching, he has also presented talks to corporate clients such as Dijaya Tropicana, Triumph, ANZ Bank, Courts Singapore, and Hong Leong Finance. He also conducts workshops in areas of wealth, health and relationships.

Aside from his Chinese Metaphysics qualifications, Chi Tim has a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering (Hons) and MBA, with a background in Electrical Engineering consultancy and Corporate Sales in the telecommunication industry. He adopts a philosophical approach in his practice, "One ought to acknowledge the life path given to him, take effective actions to maximise his capacity and live or operate in a premise that supports his endeavours".

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