Date 10 Dec 2015
Time 9:30am - 1:00pm
Venue MIS Executive Lounge, 51 Anson Road #03-53 Anson Centre Singapore 079904
Speaker Henry S. Tenedero
Fees Non-Member: Complimentary
MIS Member: Complimentary

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It's not what you teach, but how you teach what you know. When we communicate with passion, it means we share with others that same intense conviction, enthusiasm and powerful emotions that we ourselves feel regarding a certain subject. Powerful, memorable presentations are the result of a deep passion that the speaker has for the subject.

Key Points

• The Passion and Laughter Formula
• Preparing your Presentations – a speaker must proceed from the assumption that, in every speaking engagement, learners will have preferences diametrically opposite from each other or that from the speaker
• Catching your Audience's Attention – now you are all psyched up and eager to make your presentation, what's next? Hook them in!
• Sustaining your Audience's Attention – you got your audience's attention all right, but how do you keep it knowing that a person's mind wanders after the first few minutes of a lecture or discussion?
• Brainobics and Energisers – they help relieve stress and induce calm, thus extending attention span and sharpening focus
• Making the Presentations Stick – helping your audience remember what you've taught them is yet another challenge for speakers and presenters
• Meaningful Closing and Evaluation – the ultimate measure of true learning should be their ability to translate the learning experience into their daily lives

Learning Outcomes

• Inject passion and laughter in your presentation in fun and meaningful ways
• Understand the six powerful ways to run a dynamic presentation, to any kind of audience
• Apply the principles of whole-brain learning in making presentations

Speaker's Profile

Henry TenederoHenry S. Tenedero is the 2015 President of the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA), a prestigious and professional organisation of marketing professionals. He is the Main Convenor of the One Nation Learning Advocacy, a global program espousing the belief that between hope and despair, education is the great equaliser. He is also Council Director of the International Learning Styles Network (ILSN) based in the US and Scandinavia. He chairs the forthcoming International Educators Conference on Teaching and Learning Beyond the Curriculum to be held in United Nations, New York, USA in February 2016 hosted by the International Learning Styles Network.

An acknowledged international educator and motivational speaker, Tenedero acquired his Master's Degree in Development Management at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) and studied at the Harvard University's Graduate School Program for Professional Education Leaders specialising on Multiple Intelligences.


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