Date 16 Mar 2018
Time 9:00am - 5:00pm
Venue Grand Corpthorne Waterfront Hotel, Grand Ballroom
Speaker an array of speakers
Fees Non-Member: $246 Per Pax
MIS Member: $214 Per Pax

Asian Marketing Forum is a Marketplace that offers business matching platform amongst the 16 country’s representatives from National Marketing Associations (NMAs). The forum expects a turn of over 300 delegates from 16 regional countries.

Delegates from all over the region will further strengthen Singapore as the MICE hub with recognition of MIS as the thought-leader in the business industry. Local business communities are able to gain access to first-hand information of the respective market entry requirements in promoting themselves and gaining referrers. They are able to gain insights on the current market trends within each country such as basic infrastructures and business regulations.

The representatives of the NMAs including Secretariat staff, the country’s Consulate and Trade Office officials and/or participating companies. Delegates and local business communities can range from aspirant entrepreneurs, SME owners and business development managers, and more!

There are 16 booths layout with open meeting discussion. Private one-to-one meetings are also available on a pre-scheduled basis.

Key takeaways of Asian Marketing Forum:

  • Exploring new business partners, appointing overseas distributors or agents, to license a technology and more.
  • Government assistance schemes for foreign investors.
  • Government’s receptivity to foreign investment and openness of the market.
  • Supporting infrastructure and technological maturity.
  • Laws pertaining to do business regulations of a specific industry or particular sector including tax laws, customs laws, import and export restrictions, corporate laws and liability laws.
  • Human resources and local talent including skills, wages and employment rate.
  • Advice on international expansion or market entry modes.
  • Availability of appropriate media for marketing efforts.

AMF Programme

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