Date 20 Sep 2018
Time 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Venue Marketing Institute of Singapore
Speaker Dr. Chia Hock-Hwa
Fees Non-Member: $50 Per Pax
MIS Member: $45 Per Pax
In this guru talk, renowned professor, Dr. Chia Hock-Hwa, a founding member of Sales Science Academy (Global), will be sharing some of the scientific techniques that are advancing Sales Managers today to peak performance.

Prof. Chia will show how these well-respected Sales Managers are using the proven scientific selling method to transform average sales teams into model sales team.

This guru talk will focus on:
  • Adopting Scientific Selling in the Knowledge Economy
  • Becoming Technopreneur who Spearhead the New and Revitalise the Old Thoughts
  • Use of SPECS mindsets as the vital selling forces for breakthrough sales

Dr. Chia Hock Hwa

Marketing Institute of Singapore
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Singapore 079904

Tel: (65) 6327 7580