Why You Should Attend This Course:

Are you feeling like there is no clear career path for you in your job? You need to change how you think and develop effective plans to build your career path so that you are more likely to give your all and put in the desired effort to achieve those goals. In this course, learn how to tap into your Power of Belief to create your vision, strength of will and resilience. Let these effective goal setting be your source for excitement and activity to improve your work life.   

We live in a vibrational universe where “like” attracts “like”. Every thought you think has a vibration so does your every emotion. The universal Law of Belief states that whatever you strongly believe to be true long enough, will become your reality. Whatever you subconsciously feel to be true in your inner world (that is, your thoughts) long enough, will invariably show up in your outer world (your experiences). 

Yes, you can change your life if you believe, and have faith and confidence in yourself. While it is not easy to get out of your comfort zone, it is also not unusual to find excuses to stay put. But changing your mindset is a must if you feel you are stagnating in your career and not achieving your company’s goals, or your own! Work on yourself first, and the rest will fall into place. 

Self-belief is a game changer! Believing that all you need to succeed is within you, is the basis of your self-esteem and confidence. 

Get ready to believe, apply and make your Power of Belief work for you at work and at home. You are capable of achieving even more than you give yourself credit for!

Learning Outcomes:

This one-day workshop will not only introduce you to the techniques that will start you on your journey of success at work, but also practice effective teamwork principles. Because it won't be easy to achieve company goals without first having an effective team at work. To learn more about what the Power of Belief can do to help you transform your thinking, you are encouraged to sign up for this 1-day workshop. You may want to consider signing up with your colleagues and perform in a team-building exercise. This teamwork setting puts you in a real-life practical experience working with your/other team members, and for them to work with you better. 

Trainer's Profile:

Rowena Lim,MBA

Starting out in PR and advertising, then journalism and corporate communications, Rowena currently optimizes and shares her knowledge and skills to develop content and facilitate training workshops.  A highly energetic, people-oriented professional, she is a strong proponent of lifelong learning.

Rowena has been a trainer with Marketing Institute of Singapore on communication-related topics since 2012. Recently, she was courted by a management school to develop the course content for Social Media Marketing.  Rowena has also a keen interest in Mobagogy (micro learning through mobile technology) and has curated articles for the smart phone.

Most recently, she co-authored the book “How to use your ‘headtop’ super-computer to achieve your goals”, available on Amazon. This is a compelling, constructive and challenging must read, about your inward journey of discovery, that enables you to better understand, appreciate and master how your ‘creative trilogy’ work, then working with it and the Laws of the Universe to achieve your goals and dreams.

Clients Rowena has given consultation to include Facebook, Sumitomo, NOL, Health Sciences Authority, Public Utilities Board, United Airlines, Caterpillar, The Hearing Centre, Emirates Bank, Piper Aircraft, The Singapore e-Government Leadership Centre, Jardine Matheson Group, NEA, Workforce Singapore, APEC Secretariat, J P Morgan, Scandanavian Airlines, Electrolux, Canon, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Pioneer Electronics, Pioneer Investments, Hitachi Asia, Cordlife, Caltex and Shell.

Rowena has an MBA degree in Marketing from the University of Hull, UK.  In training, she is an Associate Adult Educator (Singapore).  In public-speaking, she was trained by the School of Dale Carnegie, US.

25 Aug 2020
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  • Time: 9am - 5pm
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