Why You Should Attend This Course:

In this day and age, content creation is key. The human attention is captivated by the latest piece of information in the most captivating form. Knowing how to communicate through storytelling and creative content is necessary in the workplace as well as in education.


Learning Outcomes:

Participants’ creativity is brought out through learning how to communicate their story across different platforms. Various platforms of communication are explored and the strengths of each are highlighted. Content is then created to best fit the platform of choice for the chosen target audience.


Course Outline:

● Introduction (Part 1): Understand different platforms of communication and how to create content that best suits the particular medium. Learn to study different target audiences and demographics.

● Who Are You? (Part 1.5): Define our aim and understand ourselves better and identify what it is we want to express.

● The Talent (Part 2): We identify the strengths of a particular talent. Host, presenter, or actor and we see how he/she can best portray our content.

● The Script (Part 2.5): Learn how to portray a story. How to create a story arch and how to write in the voice of the host of the actor.

● The Eye (Part 3): Basic understanding of cameras. Different types of cameras and their functions: how to use ISO, shutter speed, aperture functions and how to frame our shots.

● Lights (Part 3.5): How to use lighting to enhance our story and how best to coordinate good lighting with desired camera movement.

● Sound (Part 4): The importance of audio. Learn how to mic a talent as well as the usage of audio mixer and microphones.

● The Suite (Part 4.5): Become the final story teller. Learn to edit our footage and content to our specific requirement.

● Show Time (Part 5): Learn how to piece together our final product. Work as a team and learn our roles and responsibilities. Complete the production and how to analyse the performance of our content.


Who Will Benefit?

The course is adaptable to different demographics. The executive course is designed for working adults who are focused on presenting ideas as well as using content creation as a marketing tool. It also focuses on practical industry usage. The creator course encourages younger students to learn how to create a story and bring their imagination to life, and skills that will extend to their later years.


Trainer's Profile:

Eden Ang graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies from Canterbury University. Afterwhich he proceeded into a career in entertainment and content creation. Ang was given a scholarship by the Media Development Authority of Singapore to study at the New York Film Academy where he furthered his studies as a performer as well as picked directing and filmmaking. In theatre, Ang was a lead in the musical “Spring Awakening” as well as the play “Rabbit Hole”. He has also acted on TV shows locally such as “Tanglin” as well as Netflix “Marco Polo”.
Having been a judge in many contests as well as “Dance Works - National Dance Competition” and acrobatics in the “Singapore Tricking Gathering”, Ang has a keen eye for detail and the ability to spot great talents. In recognition of his talent and passion for the entertainment and content creation industry, he was awarded “Influencer of the Year” at “Influence Asia”, an award ceremony that recognises the top content creators in Asia, in 2017.
Trusted by his peers in his technical know-how and creative flair, Ang has given talks at Google, Kaplan University as well as ITE College East. He has also collaborated and produced content for brands such as Samsung, YouTube, Facebook, Adidas and many others.

Course Fee

Time: 9am - 5pm

10-11 June (Part 1)

 16-17 June (Part 2)

* Individuals (Non-members) : Free membership (20% discount)

   Individuals (Members) : 20% + 10%

* Corporate (Non-members) : 20%

  Corporate (Members) : 20% + 10%

Any sign up of 5 or more participants : Additional 5% group discount