Business Management

Why You Should Attend This Course:

We live in a knowledge-based society and the more critical you think, the better your knowledge will be. Critical Thinking provides you with the skill set to analyse and evaluate information so that you can obtain the greatest amount of knowledge from it. It provides the best chance of making the correct decision and minimising damages if a mistake does occur.

Critical Thinking will lead an individual to be more rational and disciplined thinker. It will reduce your prejudice and bias, which will provide you a better understanding of your environment. This workshop will provide you the skills to evaluate, identify and distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information. It will lead you to be more productive in your career and provide you the skill needed to perform your daily task effectively.


Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the workshop, you should be able to:

  • Understand the components of critical thinking
  • Utilise non-linear thinking and use logical thinking
  • Recognise what it means to be a critical thinker
  • Evaluate information using critical thinking skills
  • Identify the benefits of critical thinking
  • Revise perspective, when necessary
  • Comprehend problem solving abilities


Course Outline:

Duration Modules Activity / scope Training Methodology
1 Hour
  1. Getting Started – Objectives
Key Components

-         Introduction & Housekeeping

-         Workshop Objectives

Reasoning and Analysis


Set Objectives, Discussion

1 Hour
  1. Non-Linear Thinking
Logical Thinking

-         Expectations, Adaptation and Change

-         Asking Right Questions

Drawing Conclusion

Mini Lecture, Discussion
1 Hour
  1. Being Critical Thinkers
Critical Thinking Processes

-         Active Listening, Curiosity, Disciplined

-         The Big Picture

Objectivity and Emotions

Mini Lecture, Presentation, Discussion
1 Hour Lunch Break
1.5 Hours
  1. Steps to Evaluate Information
Benefits of Critical Thinking

-         Assumptions

-         Bias and Clarity

Persuasion, Communication and Problem Solving

Mini Lecture, Paired Activity, Group Discussion
1.5 Hours
  1. Changing Your Perspectives
Effective Problem Solving

-         Limitations and Influence

-         Viewpoints

Inconsistencies, Instincts and Evaluate Solutions

Mini Lecture, Paired Activity, Paired
1 Hours
  1. Putting It All Together
Review and Sharing

-         Retaining New Skills

-         Reflection and Learn from Mistakes

Review objectives and action plans

Mini Lecture, Review and Reflection


Trainer's Profile:

Ivan Phua – A dedicated professional in Learning and Development, Ivan has been involved with the design, development and implementation of Leadership and People Management, and Service Excellence training programmes in various industries.

With his easy-going and relational communication styles, Ivan is able to build rapport with participants instantly and draws out key learning concepts for effective learning. He is creative, dynamic and he inspires clients to improve their performance by changing their attitudes and developing their skills and knowledge. He brings the best out of them through critical thinking; solving issues by analysing the situation, identifying viable solutions, deciding the right approach to achieve the desired outcome or the "aha" moments.

Ivan has conducted numerous Corporate and Public Workshops, Learning Journeys for Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL), coaching sessions, personality and career profiling, and consultations. He has trained staff from different industries on Change Management, Conflict Resolution, Critical Thinking, Customer Service Excellence, Leadership and Influence, Mindfulness ,Presentation Skills,  Public Speaking,  Stakeholder Engagement, Stress Management and  Team Building.  His clientele ranges from Corporations to ATOs, including CET Centres, F&B, Retail and Service Chains, Education Institutions and others.

Ivan holds a BSc (Hons) Psychology awarded by University of Derby, UK, Master of Counselling from Monash University in Australia and both Graduate Diploma in Electronic Commerce Marketing and Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Singapore Polytechnic. Besides being an ACTA Certified Trainer and a Certified Executive Transformation Coach, he is also a Certified Behavioural and Career Consultant, Certified Advanced Behavioural Analyst, Certified CareerKeysTM and PersonalityKeysTM trainer and a Certified TLC (The Leadership Challenge) facilitator.

Course Fee

Time: 9 - 5 pm

*Individuals (Non-members) : Free membership (20% discount)

   Individuals (Members) : 20% + 10%

* Corporate (Non-members) : 20%

  Corporate (Members) : 20% + 10%

Any sign up of 5 or more participants : Additional 5% group discount