Business Management

Why You Should Attend This Course:

Businesses today are facing mounting challenges posed by disruptive developments (i.e., IoT and Blockchain applications in e-commerce). Organisations would need to redesign their business processes and incorporate digital technologies and applications into their daily business operations. This method helps to capture real-time online information for timely decision-making in today’s dynamic market conditions in areas of smart contracts, audit trail for supply chain and logistics operations, and others.


Learning Outcomes:

• Understand the impact of IoT and Big Data applications that are driven by the business needs for timely and informed business decisions. 

 • Identify the business needs for IoT and Big Data applications.

 • Understand the appropriate IoT and Big Data application requirement for your business and operations.

• Introduction to disruptive market trends such as Blockchain and Chatbots


Course Outline:

  • Definition of IoT and Big Data concepts – IoT applications using digital technologies have generated an overload of data impacting business operations and decisions
    • Understand the need to identify relevant data sources required in business decisions

  • Understand the many variations of data sources generated from business operations – including quantitative, qualitative, structured and unstructured data

  • Learn the data mining process – identifying, gathering and organising of data for information to enable business decision making
    • Data mining – a process for organising relevant data gathered to extract information on business operations

  • Big Data applications – recognise when and how to apply Big Data analysis to business operations for better informed business decisions
    • E.g. Alibaba Taobao online shopping and retail operations, ITS (intelligent transport system), wearable devices for healthcare and insurance risk management

  • Introduction to disruptive trends – chatbot and Blockchain applications
    • Blockchain – distributed ledger for smart contracts
    • Chatbot – machine learning and AI applications

Who Will Benefit?

• Industries – retail, manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics, hospitality, healthcare, financial, infocomm, education & training.

• Functions – operations, business planning, finance, supply chain (including procurement) and logistics, IT and system support.

Trainer's Profile:

Peter Loh is an adept creative strategist, specialising in MBCI (Market, Business & Competitive Intelligence), with over 20 years’ experience spanning across industries, such as electronics, automotive, telecommunication, and oil & gas industries.

With his expansive industry experience, he envisions the market potential for IoT and Big Data applications to proliferate across many industries beyond 2020.

Peter holds an MBA from Indiana University, and is an Adjunct lecturer at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). Having developed the Organisation & Management module and introducing the McKinsey 7-S concept as an analytical tool, he has also mentored Lithan Academy’s Technopreneurship programme and the Edupreneur start-up boot-camp. He conducts seminar workshops for ASEAN delegates on the future trends for IoT applications that impact the economies.

Amongst his other achievements, Peter has also attained an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment from the Singapore Workforce Development Agency.  

09 Sep 2020
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  • Time: 9am - 5pm
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