This two-day course is designed to help Managers and Executives understand the principles of effective Crisis Communication Management. Participants will be introduced to communication strategies and tools such as understanding the public mindset and the media, building a relationship with the media, writing press releases, preparing press kits, organising a press conference, and dealing with media interviews in crisis situations. This interactive workshop will also provide useful tips on how to establish and enhance an organisation’s responsiveness to both the public and to the media in extreme crisis situations. Finally we will also prepare the organisation for post-crisis business continuation.


Target Audience

  • Those who are in need of understanding the complex and challenging world of Crisis Communications and media control

  • Managers/Executives who need to establish and maintain effective public and media relations.

  • Those who need to gain a better understanding of PR tools like press releases, media announcements, press kits and press conferences during crisis situations

  • Those who wish to learn how to handle media interviews to achieve positive results.

  • People that need to control and maintain public confidence in their organisations.

15 - 16 Sep 2022
08 - 09 Dec 2022
Course Fee

* This class offers in-class or virtual learning

  • Time: 9am - 5pm
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