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Why You Should Attend This Course:

Understanding the employer’s obligation during COVID-19 is very critical. If the foreign employee has a LON and/or SHN issued, then what are the duties of the employers?

The web seminar will discuss and share: what are duties of the employer to their foreign employees during this period, how to deal with their foreign employees and what are the things that the employer duties pursuant to the Employment Laws.


Participants will be guided through practical steps of the topic with a combination of asking questions, case studies and discussions.


Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the seminar, participants should be able to understand:

  • What are the duties of the employer during the COVID- 19 to their foreign employees?
  • What is the additional responsibilities employer have to bear during the COVID- 19 period?
  • Dealing stop work order and dormitory issues


Course Outline:


What to do if the employees come back from COVID-19 designated countries?


What are the legal obligations the employer has during this period?


Payment of salary and medical benefits to the foreign employees.


If the foreign employee is on LON and or SHN, what are the additional duties of the employer?

Can employers terminate or dismiss the foreign employees during this period?


Government guidelines and assistances to employers during this period.


Case studies and discussions.


Can foreign employees from some countries apply for waiver to stay during this period and or leave the country?


Trainer's Profile:

David Shanugam is an Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore. He holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of London and a Master of Business Administration degree from Victoria University. He has many years of legal experience in the private sector and is presently working in a law firm. Over the years, he has conducted legal training for the corporate sector on the various practical legal issues facing the corporate field and has lectured for many training institutions on Business and Company Law in particular. He currently conducts seminars and workshops regularly for Directors, HR and Finance Professionals.



03 Jul 2020
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Time: 10 - 1 pm (3 hours)

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