Why You Should Attend This Course:

People are most important in the complex ecosystem of interdependent parts of an organisation. So how do you build a close working relationship with your stakeholders in today's world of information overload, fast-moving happenings and ever-changing office arena? How do you communicate effectively, have their ears and hearts, and affinity? Through this course, you will better understand your stakeholders, develop a positive working relationship based on cooperation and mutual respect, and maximise long-term benefits. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Better identify your organisation's stakeholders
  • Manage their expectations through strong rapport and an enhanced working relationship
  • Effectively communicate through identifying and overcoming communication barriers in a 2-way communication environment
  • Apply stakeholder relationship management techniques to gain stakeholders' confidence and cooperation in new product roll-outs, news announcements, issues management and crisis, etc.

Course Outline:

Stakeholders' Interest and Expectations

  • Definition of a stakeholder
  • What is at stake?
  • Who are your stakeholders?
  • Stakeholder interests
  • What are stakeholder relationships?
  • How stakeholders impact an organisation
  • Stakeholder, Shareholder, Target Audience
  • "Needs" and "Wants" of stakeholders
  • What customers really want

Stakeholder Engagement

  • How to conduct a stakeholder analysis
  • How to create a stakeholder grid
  • Principles of engagement
  • Framework of engagement
  • 5Cs for interacting with stakeholders
  • Benefits of engagement
  • Areas of focus

Effective Communication to Enhance Outcome

  • What are stakeholder communications?
  • Communication barriers
  • Communication techniques
  • Feedback
  • Key messages
  • Impact of globalism

Relationship Threats

  • Personality types and office behaviour
  • Dealing with office politics
  • Managing conflicts

Sustaining the Relationship Fostered

  • Leveraging stakeholder relationship to improve business performance

Group Exercises

Who Will Benefit?

Executives from the realms of Relationship Management, PR & Advertising, Investor Relations, Sales & Marketing, Human Resource, Admin Management and anyone who strives to build a successful and lasting working relationship with anyone.

Trainer's Profile: 

Rowena Lim, MBA

Starting out in public relations and advertising, then journalism and corporate communications, Rowena Lim is now optimizing and sharing her knowledge and skill as a facilitator. 

A highly energetic, people-oriented professional, she is a strong proponent of lifelong learning.

Rowena Lim has been a trainer with the Marketing Institute of Singapore on communication-related topics since 2012.  Recently, she was also courted by a management school to develop the course content and lecture on Social Media Marketing.  Rowena Lim has also a keen interest in Mobagogy (micro learning through mobile technology) and has curated articles for the smart phone. 

Most recently, she co-authored the book “How to use your ‘headtop’ super-computer to achieve your goals”, available on Amazon.   This is a compelling, constructive and challenging must read, about your inward journey of discovery, that enables you to better understand, appreciate and master how your ‘Creative Trilogy’ work, then working with it and the Laws of the Universe to achieve your goals and dreams. 

Clients Rowena Lim has consulted include NOL, Health Sciences Authority, Public Utilities Board, United Airlines, Caterpillar, The Hearing Centre, Emirates Bank, Piper Aircraft, The Singapore e-Government Leadership Centre, Jardine Matheson Group, NEA, WDA, APEC Secretariat, J P Morgan, Scandinavian Airlines, Electrolux, Canon, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Pioneer Electronics, Pioneer Investments, Hitachi Asia, Cordlife, Caltex and Shell. 

Rowena Lim has an MBA degree in Marketing from the University of Hull, UK.   In training, she is an Associate Adult Educator (Singapore).  In public-speaking, she was trained by the School of Dale Carnegie, US.

23 - 24 Jun 2020
Course Fee
  • Time: 9am - 5pm
  • SDF Available (Non-WSQ) Code: CRS-N-0025988
  • SkillsFuture Credit eligible
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